Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sunset 2

As promised, this morning I am sharing photos of the sunset as it appeared in front of my house on Tuesday. You will notice that the sky was entirely different that it was in yesterday's Photo of the Day.

You will notice the same larch tree (and nearly the same view as one of the photos I shared yesterday) which was taken with my 70-300 mm lens at minimum zoom. The second photo was taken at maximum zoom (not through the trees) and will give you an idea of the range of this lens. The first photo was cropped from a wider view to eliminate the tops of trees that were out of focus.

When shooting sunsets, I usually meter off the brightest part of the scene which gives the nicest colours in the resulting image. When trees are in the foreground, I focus on the edge of a branch nearest the brightest part of the scene. This ensures the silhouette of the tree is in focus. I find that sunset images are more interesting when there are clouds near the horizon.

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