Friday, September 03, 2010


This morning I am taking a break from the photos of flowers (that are considered weeds) to share a few photos of the sky in front of my house two nights ago. I will return to that series in a couple of days.

We have had 4 or 5 days of warm, sunny weather in a row and as the sun was setting on Wednesday evening, clouds were moving in causing a beautiful orange sky. Since I live in the forest and there are power lines in front of my house, it is difficult to get photos of a sunset unless I use my zoom lens to crop out any distractions.

I like the tall larch tree silhouetted against the colourful sky and include it in all sunsets photographed from my veranda. As I was making these photos I noticed an aircraft flying by and made a few photos with the orange sky in the background before it disappeared behind the trees.

Tomorrow I will share photos I took of an equally beautiful sunset we had on Tuesday evening.

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