Saturday, September 13, 2008

F - Four Florida Fog Fotos

Walking in the fog in Florida is much different than walking in the fog here in Newfoundland. Here, it is not quite as warm as it was when I made today's photos. Most mornings during my trips to Florida, I go for a long walk with my camera. As the bright morning sun starts to burn off their "fog", the lighting changes often providing lots of photo ops.

The sunrise photos were taken at Citrus Park, Florida. Beach scenes were taken at Lover's Key Beach, near Bonita Springs. Feel free to view my new Florida Fog Gallery with 20 more photos at:

I also uploaded a few more photos to my Blog. Photo of the Day Blog

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coelder said...

Great disparity!!
Love the photos and I'm so glad I stumbled on the site.
I'm a brand new photographer - long time photoshopper and I just had a beach trip.
Here are some of my favorites. they are more sunset based but beach, none-the-less. I would love comments and critiques from all of your readers!

the mini-blog inside of Art Star is called Point and Shoot.