Monday, February 04, 2008

Bay Bulls

It seems as though the "photo art" photos are a hit with many of you. Feel free to check out others at:

This morning I am sharing "old" photos that I had scanned from slides back in the early 1990s. I have been going through the scans and have chosen over 100 photos that were taken between 1970-1992. I plan to create a few web sites and display these photos.

The first one this morning was taken in Bay Bulls. I saw a kid riding a bike and took a photo of him riding down the main road. The first house on the left is no longer there. It was taken down not too long after I took this photo.

The second shows a boat and fishing stages. This part of Bay Bulls is now home to tour boat operators and kayak rentals. I added a "painted" version of this photo as well. More photos of Bay Bulls at:

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bearkat said...

bruce...these are really neat...i think i liked the sunset one the best...and thought the pic with the lobster pots was really cool too...sure am enjoying seeing the east coast in your "eyes"..thanks and have a good day!!! :)