Friday, February 22, 2008

B - Battle Harbour

Battle Harbour is a "must-see" destination for tourists. Located in southern Labrador, Battle Harbour is an island community approximately an hour's boat ride from Mary's Harbour. Great scenery, abandoned towns and whales will keep the photographer busy during the boat ride.

The town is being restored as it was in the heyday of the cod fishery. Fishermen and their families lived in Battle Harbour during the fishing season, then returned to the island portion of our province in the winter. Old homes, fishing stages and wharves have been restored and visitors are encouraged to visit the museums, restored homes and enjoy the peace and quiet.

My son Mark and I stayed on the island for 24 hours and I took nearly 2 000 photos. We were treated to a magnificent display of the northern lights and photographed them into the wee hours of the morning.

The first photo shows a house that has been restored with it's reflection in the still water. The second shows one of the museum buildings and a pile of trees that will probably be used as fuel during the winter. The trees may have been brought there because there were few trees on the surrounding hills.

I have quite a few photos of Battle Harbour on line at:

You can view Mark's photos of Battle Harbour at:

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Anonymous said...

Your photos of Battle Harbour beautifully capture the 'spirit' of the island. As a volunteer with the Trust, is is often difficult to put the magic of Battle Harbour into words- perhaps I'll just refer people to your images.....
Sheila Coates