Thursday, February 21, 2008

A - Admiral's Cove

This time of the year I don't get many opportunities to take new photos so I have been digging into my photo files for the Photo of the Day. With nearly 500 000 photos on my system, it is often difficult to choose photos each day. If I work through the alphabet, it will make it easier to choose so I will use this method until I get a few current photos to send.

As a result, I am starting with A. I chose the small town of Admirals Cove because I don't think I have shared photos from that community before. Admiral's Cove is located on the Irish Loop near the town of Cape Broyle.

The first photo shows the view as you drive through the community. You can see the houses perched on the edge of steep sea cliffs. The second photo shows a small red building in the foreground and several smaller ones directly behind it. I have no idea what these buildings are used for. If anyone on the list knows, feel free to let me know.

I have 6 other photos on my Admiral's Cove Gallery:

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