Saturday, February 16, 2008


Many tourists visit this province to observe icebergs that have come to our island via the cold Labrador Current from western Greenland. These huge "ice cubes" are very beautiful, especially on a bright sunny day.

The three photos today were taken near the end of June, 2007 in Conception Bay near the towns of Bishop's Cove and Spaniard's Bay. I was invited by Captain Ed Kean, of the Mottak, who collects large pieces of icebergs that are melted and used to make Iceberg Vodka and Iceberg Water.

Feel free to view my Iceberg Galleries at:

In 2005, my son Mark and I released a DVD with over 500 iceberg photos. There is a "factual" piece that provides information about icebergs provided by Dr. Stephen Bruneau, Newfoundland and Labrador's iceberg expert. As well there are seven slide shows accompanied by several local musicians. The DVD may be ordered online at

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