Thursday, February 28, 2008

H - Hibb's Cove

Hibb's Cove used to be called Hibb's Hole - the name of the town was officially changed several years ago. (Maybe late 60s or early 70s).

The first photo shows a fishing stage in the early 80s. Compare it to the photo I took in 2001. I think it may be gone completely now. I am including a quote from a visitor to my site that gives a little history of the stage.

I enjoyed your pictures of Hibb's Cove. The stage in the picture was built by Norman Petten and Graham Petten in the 1950s. It was used by Graham and Norman until the 1970s. I come from Hibb's Hole (Cove) and I remember it during the 1960s as a beehive of activity when there were about 30 boats there. Now there are only two small boats there.

I have photographed the buildings in the third photo several times over the years, but felt lucky to have caught them as they were being painted.

I have additional photos of Hibb's Cove at:

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