Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was visiting a dentist's office this week and he had several posters on his wall depicting scenes from British Columbia. The posters showed photos of whale tails with one word descriptors underneath. These type of posters are very common in offices and waiting rooms, so I thought that my photos would also be suitable for hanging. I am offering them for sale with an added advantage - You can "Create Your Own" with photo and/or "TEXT".

I created a few posters and uploaded them to a photo gallery. Feel free to check them out at:

The photo of the whale at sunset is actually a combination of two separate photos. I sent this image as a Photo of the Day a couple of years ago, and it received excellent response from the people who were on the list then. If you are interested in photos of whales, I have galleries at:

I chose the iceberg photo because of the interesting composition in which it almost looks like an abstract boat. I have more black and white images of icebergs at:

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