Thursday, November 08, 2007


For the next few days I am planning to send b & w photos of veterans taken during Remembrance Day Ceremonies since I have been using a digital camera.

I mentioned a while ago that I take lots of candid photos of people and enjoy capturing expressions when they are not really aware that I am taking a photo. On Remembrance Day, I like capturing the expressions as the Last Post is being played. Without exception, the veteran's eyes fill with emotion. Thoughts of lost friends, horrors witnessed, people and places .... memories of war all rush through their minds as they "Remember".

I try to photograph individuals during this part of ceremonies and their eyes tell a story. Sharing the photos is my way of "remembering" the sacrifices made by those who died as well as those who brought the memories home with them.

Our school has a web site dedicated to our Veterans. Click the link to visit this site.

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bearkat said...

thanks bruce for such a great site...really enjoyed this!!! had trouble getting did send you an email....i have the utmost respect for the vets, as they were instrumental in the liberation of and dad seldom talked about the war times...your students did a great job!!!!!