Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fortress of Louisbourg - Doors

Today, I am sharing three images of a building at Fortress of Louisbourg.

The first is the original photo. I tried to capture as many windows and doors on this building as possible but couldn't fit them all in. I couldn't take the time to get a better shot because I was trying to get to the final event of the day.

I wasn't really happy with the photo, but the door was very interesting. I cropped the image by centering the stairs which lead to the open door -with no hint of what is inside.

I thought it was a pretty good image but found the green shutter to be very distracting. I removed the shutter as well as a tiny sliver of another window (left side), creating an image which leads the viewer to wonder what is inside the door.

Normally wouldn't share the one with the shutters, but I since am sharing photo ideas, I guess it is OK! ;)

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