Saturday, November 25, 2006


Imagine "Instant Relatives" ... that's a sign on a box of very old photographs in an antique store I visited in Nova Scotia last summer. Prices ranged from $2 - $6 ... actually a pretty good deal considering the age of the photos.

I continued to photograph a few items in the store being careful not to knock anything over. I shot with available light rather than a flash because I didn't want to disturb the other shoppers. Of course, one of the advantages of shooting digitals is that you can look at the image immediately and shoot again if the results aren't what you want.

The figurines in the above photo were fairly small. I metered off the brightest figurine ensuring there wasn't too much detail behind the shelf. In the photo of the two small jugs, I couldn't get rid of the light in the background so I composed the photo to make sure the light was in the centre.

I photographed the vases as I left the store. I really wanted to shoot a few photos from different angles but I know that large camera bags and a lot of glass items are not a good mix, so I moved on.

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Hi~ I enjoyed your change of subject today..Thanks