Sunday, March 08, 2020

Black-necked Stilts

Black-necked Stilts

I remember the day I took this picture.  I was testing out my new Canon Rebel xTi, a camera I was forced into buying because I accidentally scratched the sensor on my Canon 10D, ruining it.  It was my first day in Florida, and I wanted a camera that worked.  The Rebel xTi was on sale and they didn't have any 30Ds in stock. These shots were among the first I took.  I was pleased with the camera and used it for nearly 8 years and took over 500 000 photos before replacing it.  

While I was taking the photos, a guy rode up on his bike and stopped to chat.  He said he owned a Rebel xTi and was happy with it.  He also identified the birds for me.  

I have been back there many times but have never seen those type of birds again.

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