Saturday, June 09, 2018



A couple of days ago I photographed a young bull moose in my yard and scared it.  A little later I saw a female in the same area.  I was able to get a few more photos before it got spooked and disappeared into the trees.  I see tracks most days so I suspect they are still around.   They ate all but 6 tulips out of the hundreds that used to grow each year.  For the first time, they have eaten 3 of 5 hostas.  Last year I planted a new burning bush and, though my other burning bush (which i have had for 8 years) has never been touched, the new one was eaten.  Last fall, I moved it close to the house and it seems to have escaped so far.

To be honest, though I prefer they didn't eat my plants, I realize I am living in the woods and am in their territory.  They have to eat to survive.  Plus, if they hang around, I get the pleasure of watching and photographing them. 

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