Sunday, November 04, 2012

Villefranche, France 3

Villefranche, France 3

When we reached the beach, the only way out, other than go back the way we came, was a steep stairway. Since it was our intention to explore the old town of Villefranche, we decided to climb the stairs and check it out. A narrow, winding road along the steep cliffs beckoned us. As we wandered along, we were amazed at how few people there were. Of course, I liked making photos without a crowd in my way, but sometimes one or two people adds interest to the scene.

As you view the images of Villefranche through my eyes, I am hoping you will get an idea of what it is like to be there: to see the colourful buildings, the interesting doors and windows, narrow streets, planters, sidewalk cafés, the harbour ... Of course what you can't experience are the sounds and smells including the different conversations in several different languages or the wonderful smells near a French bakery or café.

A few people have already let me know that they are enjoying seeing the various places through my photos. A few people have shared stories of their visits to Barcelona, Toulon and Villefranche and thanked me for evoking their own memories. I find those types of comments interesting so feel free to share your stories. If you want to share your stories publicly, you can leave a comment on my Blog or comment on my Facebook page -

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