Sunday, November 11, 2012

Villefranche, France 10

Villefranche, France 10

Today's photos were taken inside the old fort on the harbour's edge in Villefranche. I really didn't know what to expect inside the fort but was surprised to see a hotel and many business offices. It was lunch time when I was there so I didn't see much activity. In fact it was deserted except for a few tourists walking around making photographs.

There weren't any narrow streets inside the fort, but lots of colourful windows and doors, antiques, and sculptures. The seventh photo shows a guard house where soldiers could look out over the harbour to keep watch. I've uploaded a couple of photos taken from inside one of these smaller structures. several of which were located in various positions along the side of the fort facing the ocean.

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William F Matthews said...

Several of the pictures contain a shadowed area. I liked the first one in particular.

K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day said...

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