Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Villefranche, France 13

       Villefranche, France 13

This is the last in my Villefranche Series, and judging from comments I've received, many of you have enjoyed the images I've chosen to share.  When I do these travel series like this, I usually show the images in the order they were taken because I want the aspiring photographers among you to see the type of images I make when visiting new places.  What I've discovered in the past two years after 1 Caribbean and 3 Mediterranean cruises is that even in places I haven't seen before, I tend to make images of the same subjects that I photograph at home: scenics, buildings, houses, windows, doors, streets, people, churches, plants, art, and boats.

This was my second visit to Villefranche and, because we didn't book a shore excursion this time, we spent the day exploring the old town on our own.  I certainly preferred this to an organized tour because there was no rush to be somewhere at a specific time, we didn't have to follow a group, and I had plenty of time to make photographs.  It was a great day!

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