Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Florence, Italy 14

       Florence, Italy 14

This is the last of the Florence Series for now.  As I said previously, if I were to return to this city some day. I definitely would not do a tour, but rather, explore the city on my own.  The city is the where the Renaissance started after the Dark Ages and the art, sculptures, and architecture is amazing,  I've tried to share some of this with you over the past 14 days just give you a sense of that it is like to walk through the old streets of the historical district.

I don't know the significance of the cross with two arms.  I did a quick Google search but didn't find anything relevant.  Maybe someone reading this will know.  I've uploaded other images of the art on the church and a couple of buildings in the square.  We boarded the bus not long after I made these images and drove an hour and a half back to the ship.  As you can imagine, driving through the Tuscan countryside was very beautiful but I didn't get photos because the lighting was wrong for taking pictures through a glass window.
I appreciate your comments regarding the beauty of the city of Florence and the "thank-yous" for sharing the photos.  I find it interesting that some of you are "loving" the photos and enjoying the virtual tour and others would prefer that I stopped sharing images of my photo trip to Europe and Asia.  Hopefully the addition of a Newfoundland and Labrador Link of the Day is satisfying those of you who are missing photos of our province.


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