Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thunder Falls

Thunder Falls

Every year my Dad and at least 2 other of my brothers and I go on a ``Man`s Trip``. This year we went to the Codroy Valley and the Port au Port Peninsula, a long drive from base camp in Grand Falls-Windsor.

Today, I am starting with photos of Thunder Falls, which used to be called Leeches Brook when I was a kid. We used to go swimming at the falls every summer. Getting there was a hassle - a 15 km (10 mile) bike ride over a gravel road. When we got older, we hitch-hiked and a few times we even walked it. Either way, it was a long way to go for a swim!

A trail takes you to the ``Landing`` where smaller kids and families usually swam. Next is First Falls, where not too many swam but a few brave souls used to dive from the high cliffs to the small pool below. Second Falls was the place where most teenagers and young adults went for a swim. A few people used to climb to the top and jump or dive into the deep pool below. There is a cave behind the falls (about one-third of the way up) and we used to climb the sharp rocks and dive through the waterfall.

It`s too bad someone doesn`t take the imitative to make a hiking trail to the different falls along the river. I think tourists would like to see these beautiful sights.

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