Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Opening Photos 14

Opening Photos 14

Today's photos are the first in my most current Opening Photos Gallery. In addition to the three shown here, I've uploaded 3 to my Photo of the Day Blog including: a Chinese lantern flower, a sunrise and a sunset.

  1. A "painted" pink carnation allowed people to visit my "Painted" gallery. If you like abstracts, feel free to check them out.
  2. A Chinese lantern flower with a sprinkle of that year's first frost.  If you visit First Frost, you will also find a short video entitled FROSTY MORNING  Slide Show with music by Galalisa Star.
  3. The soldiers hands resting on a gun introduced Hands photos.
  4. The image of a young lady playing a flute also introduced myHands Gallery
  5. A sunrise taken from Pippy Park golf course in St. John's directed visitors to my SKY Gallery.
  6. A sunset also linked visitors to my  SKY Gallery

Photos of the Day are for sale as:

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