Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Opening Photos

Opening Photos

I've had a website for over 10 years and have used numerous opening photos as an introduction to my site. I use the images to introduce new Galleries or to link to a page I am highlighting at the time. Since I have been running Series for quite a while now, I thought you may enjoy viewing a variety of photographic subjects so for the next few days I plan to share a few of the older Opening Photos with you. Obviously, I started my site during the winter months.

  1. The first photo shows an evening grosbeak eating some dogberries on a tree near my house.  
  2. Seals are fairly easy to photograph when they rest on the ice in Holyrood during the winter.  
  3. I liked the colours and shapes of boats in the yacht club in CBS.  
  4. The Battery situated on the hills on the north side of St. John's harbour is beautiful in all seasons including winter.
  5. I stopped my car to make a few photos of a waterfall during a heavy snowfall.  
  6. A shed in Holyrood caught my attention one winter day as I drove around looking for interesting photographic subjects.

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William F Matthews said...

I think ALL of those pictures are great!!!

K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day said...

Thanks William,

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