Monday, August 06, 2012

Opening Photos 6

Opening Photos 6

The positive comments on this series continue to come in daily. Thanks, I really appreciate them, especially considering most of the photos I have shared in the series thus far were taken with my first digital camera, an Olympus C2100, purchased in 2001. I made many decent images with this camera until 2003, when I purchased my first digital SLR, a Canon 10D.
  1. Cape Pine Lighthouse is located near St. Shott's on the southern Avalon. This photo was originally linked to Abstracts
  2. I think I have made images of wild roses, one of my favourite wild flowers, every year since moving to the  Avalon Peninsula 30 years ago and have images throughout the seasons, including rose hips in winter.
  3. An image of a foggy, but warm day on the beach in Biscay Bay, on the southern Avalon was originally used to link to Seascapes.
  4. The warm colours of the sky at sunset linked to my SKY Gallery
  5. Bright yellow birch leaves directed visitors to my first Fall Gallery
  6. I made a silhouette of a statue of a soldier on the War Memorial on Duckworth Street in 2003 and used it in numerous images of Remembrance Day and Veterans.

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