Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Opening Photos 15

Opening Photos 15

I've decided to end this series today. After viewing the rest of the photos in that Gallery, I realized that I have already shared most of them on previous occasions.

You may notice that this morning's images are different sizes. When I first started sharing my Photo of the Day (nearly ten years ago) screen sizes on most computers were a lot smaller than they are today. Back then, smaller images looked much bigger. As well, mobile devices have become so popular these days that many people view my images on phones or tablets. After viewing my web site and Photo of the Day Blog on a blackberry and an iPad, I realized that the size I use (480 pixels) is ideal, even though they still look small on many large monitors.

  1. A sailboat sails close to an iceberg grounded off Upper Island Cove. This image is linked to my BoatPics Galleries.
  2. I created this image from 6 different photos to introduce my People of Louisburg Gallery.
  3. The "Painted" image of fishing stages in Burnside, Bonavista Bay directed visitors to my Photo Art Galleries. If you visit the link, there are several more links on the bottom of the page.
  4. The close view of a sculpture in downtown Calgary was linked to my Alberta Galleries.
  5. Wood storks were plentiful at Citrus Park, near Bonita Springs, Florida during a visit in 2007.
  6. There were lots of Atlantic Salmon in a pool near a salmon ladder in Grand Falls/Windsor.

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