Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boats and Stages 7

Boats and Stages 7

Today's photos were scanned from slides and go back as far as 1972. I focused on a fishing net in The Battery (St. John's) with a boat in the background during a visit in 1977. I've always liked the image even though the boat is out of focus. 

The second image was made in Leading Tickles in the late 1970s.  I was there a few years ago and didn't see this stage.  Like may others, it is probably gone forever.  I liked the boats hauled up on the beach in Chapel's Cove, especially with the house and sheds in the background.  I stopped to photograph a boat in Quidi Vidi Village that was partially hidden behind a shed. At first I didn't think one half a boat would make an interesting image, but I shot it anyway. Later I had this image printed, framed and hung it on my wall for many years.  
I've always liked the photo of the boats moored off shore in Placentia Bay and in the 70s, this was a popular photo which was published in a magazine back then.  The last photo shows a single boat in Port de Grave.  This harbour has certainly changed a lot since this photo was taken.

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