Thursday, June 28, 2007

Witless Bay

Before my series on icebergs, I was making suggestions for hiking trails around the Avalon Peninsula. Today I am sharing photos of the East Coast Trail near Witless Bay.

If you take the south side road and drive to the end, you will come to a parking lot where you can view the islands at the edge of the harbour. You can follow the trail towards the point of land in the first two photos. I have walked out to the point of land a few times. The trail continues on to Mobile, the next town, but I haven't gone that far.

The third photo shows a view across the harbour to the cliffs on the opposite side. There is a trail that follows the steep cliffs along the coastline on that side of the harbour as well. It is very scenic but I haven't walked that trail since getting a good digital camera. I see another hike to that area in the near future.

The kayakers in the middle of the harbour were treated to the sight of a large humpback whale that surfaced all around them. That looks like fun too.

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