Saturday, June 09, 2007


Last evening I used a macro lens to photograph a few plants in my backyard. I chose three to share with you today, all of which illustrate the theme of my Photo of the Day - EVERYTHING'S A PICTURE. If you take the time to look more closely at the world, you will see there is beauty everywhere.

The first is a close up of the reproductive parts of a wild strawberry. They were the first flowers I noticed growing in my yard this year.

The second is a flower on a bugleweed plant. I really like the colours of these flowers.
The third shows a view of a miniature pansy. They are hardy little flowers that bloom from spring to fall.

The amount of growth occurring since the weather warmed up is unbelievable. I am documenting it with my photos and have chosen a few for you to see over the next while. I am going iceberg hunting soon so I suspect you will have a few more iceberg photos over the next while too.

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