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Red Shoe




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For the past 3 of 4 days, Gmail has blocked my Photo of the Day.  I believe it is because I am sending a large number of email with images and links.  So, I am not sure if you are even going to receive this until I send it.  And other than sending 350 individual emails, there is no way to let you know.  I AM UPLOADING TO MY BLOG EACH DAY, SO IF YOU DON'T GET THE PHOTOS CHECK THE BLOG.

Some of the images I scanned recently have been "abstracts".  When I started shooting slides back in 1970, that was a category I set up for photographic subjects that didn't fit into my other categories such as scenics, communities, wildlife, etc.  In the beginning, I included houses and rocks, but later created new categories for them.  

For the next couple of days, I plan to share abstract images from 1997.  A few will require some explanation. 
I remember making a series of photos of a pair of red shoes that my wife owned.  This was my favourite because the foreground and background are black, leaving the shoe "suspended" in space.

An old wharf in Holyrood was in bad shape when I made photos of it.  I think it was gone shortly afterwards.
I photographed the dump in Holyrood when the incinerator was shut down for a while in 1997.  The town continued to burn, then bury the garbage.  This dump was closed in 2010 or 2011 for good.

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