Friday, February 10, 2017

Abstracts 2



 Bay Bulls


Abstracts 2

For the past 4 of 5 days, Gmail has blocked my Photo of the Day.  I believe it is because I am sending a large number of email with images and links.  So, I am not sure if you are even going to receive this until I send it.  And other than sending 350 individual emails, there is no way to let you know. 

This is Day 2 of my current Abstracts Series showing photos taken in 1997.  Many people in Newfoundland and Labrador cut and burn wood during the long winter months.  I have photographed many wood piles over the years. As well, I have photographed boats all over the province during the 47 years I have been involved in photography.  There are photos of monuments in Cupids and Bay Bulls.  The chimney was all that was left of a house I had photographed several years earlier.  I included a colour and black and white version of a weather-beaten door on an old house in Dildo.

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