Thursday, August 20, 2015



On Sunday afternoon I took a quick walk around my yard and made photos of several plants and flowers including chuckley pears, black currantsm red currants and day lillies.

Becaue it was so cold and cloudy in June and July, my vegetables aren't growing well. However, it seems that the fruit trees and shrubs are producing lots of berries. Yesyerday I walked up and down my driveway and picked enough wild rasberries to make a bottle of jam. The rest should ripen over the next few days and I should get more.

There are so many black currants on my shrub that the branches are sagging to the ground. They should be ready to pick in the next couple of days. The red currants are also plentiful this year.

I planted one day lily a few years ago and this year there are a dozen of them blooming.

I noticed that a few of you Liked my Facebook page yesterday. Thanks for showing an interest in seeing more of my photos. In case you missed the links I am including them again today.

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