Friday, August 21, 2015

Garden 2

Garden 2August 16, 2015

The first few photos show small blooms of lavender, a plant that grows well in one of my flower gardens. My wife purchased a tiny lavender plant five or six years ago and it has become quite large. I am planning to take a piece of it and move to a new garden I am currently building. If anyone has tried replanting a piece of a larger plant, I am interested to find out if you were successful or not.

It is hard to get crisp images of bees on these flowers because they move from one to another very quickly. The aroma from these flowers is very strong and I can smell them from quite a distance.

I included other photos of flowers today including the pearly everlasting, golden marguerite and hosta.  

I noticed that a few of you Liked my Facebook page yesterday. Thanks for showing an interest in seeing more of my photos. In case you missed the links I am including them again today.

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