Saturday, August 22, 2015

Garden 3

Garden 3
August 16, 2015

This morning I am sharing the last of the photos taken in my yard last Sunday. You will find several photos of the colourful tea roses. The yellow and light pink are the first blooms so far this year. To be honest, these plants aren't very healthy at all and I am surprised they produced any flowers.

Only 2 cucumbers survived the cold and wet July and the onions in the background aren't very big. I've uploaded a photo of the lettuce, which likes cool weather. We have been eating fresh lettuce for a while now.

I decided to dig out one of my strawberry gardens because it was overgrown with weeds. This was the first garden I planted in the summer of 2008. I purchased 40 bags of cheap soil ($1.00 per bag) at Wal-Mart and planted around 25 strawberry plants in one half and green peas in the other. Gradually I planted new strawberry plants in the whole space.

Last year the berries were very small and the weeds took over even though it was weeded thoroughly, twice! I weeded once this year but by August there were few berries and tons of weeds so I decided to clear it completely. I sifted the soil, added all vegetation to my compost heap, and used the rocks for fill elsewhere in my yard. I plan to mix new soil and compost to the pile that I sifted, then build a couple of small raised beds for my grandchildren to plant next year. I should have room for a third raised bed for me to use.

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