Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees

With the scientific, environmental and economic concern regarding the mysterious disappearance of honeybees all across North America and Europe, it seems that bumble bees are doing OK, at least around here. As you can probably guess by now, I often photograph bees.

Today I am sharing close views that have been cropped from originals. From the images it should be clear that bumble bees certainly play an important role in the reproduction of plants by spreading pollen from flower to flower.

Observing bees go about their business is interesting - at least to me it is. While making photos I sometimes get a little too close and scare the bees away. I have never bee stung by a bee while making images. Most time they just fly around me a couple of times, then go back to work.

There are 66 images of bumble bees on my web site at:

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