Monday, June 29, 2015

Bay L'Argent

Bay L'Argent
June 25, 2015

I walked around the harbour in Bay L'Argent making photos of the fishing stages and boats. The Northern Seal, a large boat was getting ready to leave the dock. One of the crew said that it was a passenger boat that took people from Bay L'Argent to Rencontre East on the Connaigre Penninsula. When I get back to Bay'Largent, I may take the ferry to Renconre East because there are no roads to that community and it would be interesting to make photos there as well!

You may be interested to read this comment from one of my subscribers:
Re: Bay L'Argent.. my first visit was my only one. I arrived there one day many moons ago and the high school was burning. What a day..too much smoke, fire and excitement to see anything nor to take photos. School burned to the ground.

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