Friday, September 19, 2014



On the second day in Morrell, Prince Edward Island, I walked out past the point (it may be called Red Head) and along the beach which seemed to go on for miles.  I made photos of the sandy beach, sand dunes, birds, people, dogs and a lighthouse.  Over the next couple of days I plan to share some of the photos I took during that walk.

Once again, especially if you visit my Photo of the Day Blog, you will see that there were few people on the long stretch of beautiful, sandy beach.  You will also see the salt spray blowing off the ocean.  If you are ever on a beach, you have to be very careful of blowing sand and salt spray.  Neither are good for cameras and, knowing this, I kept mine in my camera bag and took it out only to take a photo.  

As well, when I returned to the house, I cleaned the entire body and lens with a good micro fibre cloth.

I saw a young woman with her dog in the distance and as I got closer saw that the dog was digging deep holes in the sand.  Look closely and you will see the sand in the air directly behind the dog. 

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