Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ship Cove

Ship Cove

Ship Cove is a small town next to Port de Grave.  I took a small road next to a fish plant and drove around a small point of land where I took a photo of the steep cliffs with several small sea stacks.  I liked the large red shed that I photographed at the end on one road.  I stopped to photograph the large, old house that looked like it is being used for storage these days.

During my most recent trip I made photos of several old houses and sheds that looks like they may not be around much longer.  I have been making photos of old buildings for 40 years and many of them no longer exist.  I am sure that people have many memories of the buildings and I would love to hear them.  If you know someone living in the Port de Grave area, feel free to send today's photos to them.  Thanks in advance.

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