Monday, March 24, 2014

Conception Bay

Harbour Grace, March 17, 2003

Conception Bay

During my drive throughout the towns along the Conception Bay Highway, I stopped to make photos of buildings, houses and other things that caught my attention. 

Despite the fact that I have photographed the house in the first photo several times, I stopped to make a photo of it.  Obviously it hasn't been lived in for many years.  The large wooden train, complete with track, was on in the front yard of a house in Brigus.  

The Kyle is located in Harbour Grace, and while there was some broken ice in the harbour, it wasn't frozen solid like the time I photographed in March, 2003. (I included an image from March 17, 2003 for you to make a comparison.)  

The two buildings are in Coley's Point.  The first looks like it may have been a store at one time.  The second looks like it is still being used.  The white house is in Bareneed on the Port de Grave Peninsula.

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