Monday, March 31, 2014



It has been snowing outside since 10:00 AM this morning and, according to the forecast, it will snow all night and all day tomorrow. We are supposed to get between 20 cm and 40 cm (8 -16 in). 
As a result of this late winter storm, the third in a week, I decided to share a sequence of photos taken on June 17, 2004 during a hike to one of the mountains behind my house.

The first photo shows cracker berry (also known as bunch berry) plants.  These are very common on the trails I use, especially in shaded areas.

On the mountain I photographed several glacial boulders including the interesting one shown in the second photo.

I saw a type of cotton grass on the bog at the base of the mountain and stopped to photograph it.  You can see the top of the mountain in the background.

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