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I have decided to stop sharing travel photos for a while.  Since late October I have been travelling for a total of 10 weeks: 5 weeks that took me to Europe, then across the ocean to Florida, then 5 weeks in Florida.  In between, I have been sharing images taken during the first trip.  I am still editing the 2500+ photos I took on my most recent trip so I will return to Newfoundland and Labrador themes for a while.  As I edit the images and update my travel websites, I will let you know.

I have mentioned in previous posts that these days I also share images on social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.  Often I share photos on these sites that I don't send out in my email version of Photo of the Day.  If you would like to follow my postings on any of the sites mentioned above just click one or more of the links below to start the process.  If you haven't already, you have to register on those sites (except my Blog) to follow me.

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Today I am sharing scenic photos of our beautiful province that show fog, a common sight around here.  Sometimes, a hint of fog adds to a scene as you can see in the photos.  If there is too much fog, another common occurrence, it is difficult to see the subject.

One very foggy day in St. John's I heard a large aircraft and pointed my camera as a Hercules military plane appeared out of the fog just long enough to take a couple of shots before it disappeared again.  

The third photo this morning was taken in Deer Lake and shows mist rising off the Humber River in the early morning light.  I took many photos that morning and the mist added to the beauty of the scene.

The fourth photo was taken in Cottrell's Cove, Notre Dame Bay and the fog bank is just offshore.  I saw the sunken boat and felt the clouds and fog, along with the boat made a dramatic image.  This was taken in 1972 and the stage in the bottom is probably gone now.

The last photo was taken from Signal Hill as the fog just started to enter the harbour.  The fort Amhearst Lighthouse is across the mouth of the harbour and Cape Spear is barely visible in the distance.
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