Thursday, March 27, 2014

Conception Bay

Conception Bay

This morning I uploaded 2 photos I took in HIbb's Cove and a few of the yellow building located on the main road in Clarke's Beach.

The yellow house with yellow chairs stands on the edge of a steep cliff overlooking Conception Bay.  I guess it will be a while before people can sit out and enjoy the view.  We had a storm yesterday, but not too much snow in this area.  It changed to rain around midnight so there wasn't a large accumulation of snow.

I photographed the red sheds several times over the years and you can view them in a Blog I uploaded in 2008.  There were three freshly painted sheds there when I made the photo.

The yellow building was a store at one time.  Though I passed it often, I think this is the first time I stopped to make photos.  First of all, there are a lot of wires close to the building. Second, the traffic is usually high and getting out to make photos is a little dangerous.  I was lucky that there was no traffic and stood in the middle of the highway to make the last photo.

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