Monday, September 30, 2013

Clotheslines 10

Clotheslines 10

Today I am sharing the last of this Clotheslines Series.  I could go on for another 10, probably more, days but I will continue sometime in the new year.  Today's photos were all taken on a very dull day in Belloram on the South Coast.

Here are a few more comments I've received throughout the series:

clotheslines are priceless !! :-) 
Bruce, your clotheslines are quite interesting. Newfoundland Women are keeping up the old tradition for sure. Clotheslines were a must when I was growing up, every family had one, and not the fancy ones either. The ones I remember were sagged in the middle so that the women could reach it, and after the clothes were pinned out, there was a clothesline stick with a notch in the top of it so that the line would fit in it and then the line was raised by putting this stick in the middle, and the other end would be in the ground. i remember making them for my mother and it had to be as high as possible to get the clothes in the wind . I smile as i see some of them on your pics. As you say "everything's a picture." 
Hi Bruce...those clotheslines are great. 
thanks again, Bruce for the wonderful photos...enjoyed this series so much... 
I still think that you should publish a "Clothesline" book.

Feel free to share today's photos with family and friends.

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tru said...

Loved every photo.. clotheslines draw me to them. I agree with the comment that you should do a glossy picture book of clotheslines in Newfoundland. With a comment here and there about where they are taken. My favourite was the one where the lady is getting a tan in her lawn chair under the clothesline, and another favourite is the one with the two little boats and a clothesline in front of the shed!!! Thanks for a very interesting set of photos!

tru said...

Hi Bruce, Loved this set of photos about clotheslines. I take many photos of clotheslines as well. I'm definitely drawn in by them blowing in the wind. My favourite was the photo of the lady lying in her lounge chair trying to get a tan under her clothesline. I agree with the comment that you should make a glossy photo book of Newfoundland Clotheslines!!

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