Thursday, September 26, 2013

Clotheslines 6

Clotheslines 6

The first clothesline this morning was photographed on the Great Northern Peninsula.  I liked the contrast of the colourful clothes and the treeless landscape in the background.  The second image shows a clothesline in the early morning in Red Bay, Labrador. Later that day, there was quite a breeze coming off the ocean in St. Lewis in Labrador.  I don't think it took too long to dry the clothes with that breeze.

The next three clotheslines were photographed on a beautiful day in Twillingate, Notre Dame Bay. When I saw a clothesline with the houses of Rocky Harbour in the background I stopped my car and made a couple of photos while looking across a field of dead grasses.    The sunbather added to the photo of a clothesline in Colliers and I was walking along the road in Petty Harbour when I photographed the line of colourful clothes in the last photo.

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