Monday, January 01, 2018

Port de Grave 10

Happy New Year!!

I thought I would send you all a New Year's Message.  As you all remember, I had recurring problems with my Photo of the Day last year, especially when I got to Florida in February.  I went 2 months without sending photos and had made up my mind to drop the email version of my Photo of the Day altogether.  However, when I got back home I spent several days trying to figure it all out, and once I did, I don't believe there have been many problems since.  In fact I have sent the Photo of the Day from my laptop over the past couple of days, and everything seems to be working fine.  :)  Hopefully, when I get to Florida this year there won't be any issues.  If there are and you stop receiving photos in February, you can check my Photo of the Day Blog because I will continue to upload photos there.

Today is the beginning of the 15th year of sending my Photo of the Day.  When I started, there were just a few friends and family, but it quickly grew and now there are over 750 people who receive daily photos.  Since then, Facebook and Blogger came along.  I have been uploading my daily photos to my Blog since the summer of 2006.  With my 2 Facebook pages, my photos reach more than 1500 people.  As well, I upload images to several groups, a few of which have well over 10,000 members. Then there's Twitter and Linkedin, but to be honest, I don't use those platforms much at all.

Since September, I have been sharing photos of communities along the Baccalieu Trail and I have only finished the Trinity Bay South section.  Port de Grave is my first community in Conception Bay North.  I have many more communities to go yet!  I do get some feedback that indicates some of you are enjoying the community series.   Thanks.

The stats on my Blog show that over 2600 people viewed my Blog last month.  Of course, that indicates that quite a few people are checking out the online version of Photo of the Day.  I encourage you to check the Blog version because I usually upload between 10 and 20 photos a day to that page.

As usual, feedback is welcome.

Port de Grave 10

Port de Grave is located in Conception Bay North.

For the next couple of days I plan to share photos taken during a visit to Port de Grave in 2003. These photos were taken with my first decent digital camera, an Olympus C2100 UZ, 2.1 megapixel. 

Today is the last in the Port de Grave series for now and the photos show a few more scenic images as well as the last of the boat photos.

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