Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Job's Cove 4

Job's Cove 4

Job's Cove is located in Conception Bay North.

Job's Cove is another of a string of communities that are close together as you drive along the Baccalieu Trail.  For the next few days I plan to share photos of this community from 2003. 

Sheds, businesses, houses and a damaged root cellar are the main subjects of today's photos.

I thought I'd share a short story about the "garbage box" photos.  Several years ago, my father said he was going to start his own photo series of garbage boxes.  I encouraged him to do it but I don't think he took very many.  In the meantime, ever since then I notice interesting garbage boxes and often take the time to stop and make images of them.  Probably a good idea for a future Photo of the Day Series.  :)

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