Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Two Houses - Ochre Pit Cove

 Two Houses
Ochre Pit Cove

I’ve been photographing the same houses in Ochre Pit Cove for years, and tonight on my Facebook Page ( I posted a photo of an old house and the comments turned to a house that I have many photos of over a 10 year period – 2002-2012. 
As a result of the discussion I thought it would be interesting to put together a series showing that house and the pink one that I have photographed together and separately.
IN 2002, both houses were side by side.  Imagine my surprise a few years later when I discovered that the pink house had been moved.

As you scan down through the photos notice the changes as well as what I photographed. In 2004, I took many photos and I even tried to reproduce a shot I took with a different camera a couple of years before.  Of course, the biggest difference is in 2012 when the yellow house is now the Baccalieu Cottage and the pink house has been moved to the back and has also undergone some renovations.




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