Saturday, June 25, 2016

Spring 3

Spring 3
Even though the weather in June has been cool and wet, plants have been growing as usual.  There haven’t been many insects around so I am not sure that the plants have been pollinated.  Dandelion seeds were too wet to be spread by the wind so I expect many more dandelions around my yard next yard.  It is sunny and warm today so thinks may get a chance to grow in the warm sun.

In mid-May I planted 4 beds of potatoes and all the seeds have sprouted and look healthy.  Last week I planted another 4 beds of potatoes as well as carrots, red onions  and cucumber.  Sam, my grandson planted carrots, cucumber and potatoes in a garden I built for him and Ann, my granddaughter planted variety of  flowers in her garden.  Hopefully all will grow for them since it is the first time they planted anything themselves.

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