Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Banff 12

Banff 12
The view of the mountains around Banff from the top of Sulphur Mountain is awesome and I think I photographed every one from a variety of angles.
This morning when I was setting up my photo of the Day I noticed that for the past 3 days, my photos did not send. When I checked it out I had to remove one subscriber with a .sympatico address here in Newfoundland.   After I removed the address, the mails went but without images attached.  You can view those images as well as all I have sent so far in this series on my Blog at:
In addition, every day approximately 6-10 email addresses are rejected by various servers around the world.  I assume the addresses are no longer valid so I take the addresses off my contact list.  As a result, the numbers on my list have dropped from 750 to 373 – quite a difference. 

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