Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shapes and Textures 6

Shapes and Textures 6

I've enjoyed the photos I have shared in this series over the past 6 days. It is interesting for me to view some of these images again. 

The black steps on a large white oil tank in Long Pond caught my attention and I made several photos of the interesting shapes.  Sometimes, close views of different types of material are interesting.  Shooting through fresh ice on a small pond in the early morning light certainly made an intriguing composition.

The next photo shows a sunrise through the window of my front door on Muir Avenue in Grand Falls-Windsor. It was taken on slide film in the mid-70s. I zoomed my telephoto lens as I shot the photo of a snowmobile track late one evening. I really liked the freshly painted red barn with white trim on the door. I liked the colours and textures in the photo taken through the bottom of a drinking glass.  There are only shades of grey in the photo of the roof of a shed in Harbour Main.  This, like the last 5 photos, was also originally shot on slide film.

Imagine how digital photography has changed the world. Everyone with a smart phone carries still and video cameras with them pretty well everywhere they go. Photos, like the slides that cost me $0.50 each, are now free and people can shoot anything they want. Of course, I also shoot a lot more now, though I always shot what I wanted, even when it was costing money, just not as many.

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