Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Twillingate Icebergs 6

Twillingate Icebergs 6

Tourists and residents alike have been loving the large numbers of icebergs that are evident in most bays and inlets on the northeast coast of the island of Newfoundland and the coast of Labrador this summer.  It is certainly a boom to the short tourist season in those parts of the province. From the reports I have been hearing, hotels and B&B's are doing very well as are the restaurants.  Of course when there are lots of tourists around they buy gas, food and drinks as well.  I am sure business owners will tell you that icebergs, especially LOTS of icebergs, are very good for business.

Imagine tourists who came here specifically to view icebergs parking their motor home in a location where they can view over a dozen icebergs right from their vehicle!  Of course, everyone has a camera these days, so they will definitely have photos to share with their friends and family back home.

While I was making the photos in today's post, I heard a loud noise and one of the large icebergs cracked and broke apart.  I couldn't see the action because the berg was behind an island.  

Throughout the photo shoot, pieces fell off the largest berg and I could hear a loud cracking noise but it was still intact when I left the area.  That was over a week ago so I am confident that it has broken apart since then.

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