Monday, July 28, 2014

Harry's Harbour

Harry's Harbour

When I taught in King's Point in 1971-1973, a friend of mine from university days taught in Harry's Harbour, a small town about 20 minutes drive away.  We got together often during that two year period and I visited Harry's Harbour fairly often.  When I went there on July 1, 2014 I was amazed that I remembered very little about the town.  To be honest, I only remembered the town from the photos I took back then. 

Harry's Harbour is located in scenic Green Bay and, like in the rest of Notre Dame Bay in early June, there were icebergs everywhere.  When we got to the community I got out of the car and walked around making photos.  I spotted a large old house with several outbuildings on the property. After asking a resident if I could go in and take a few photos, I walked around  making photos of those buildings and am sharing a few with you today.

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