Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Florida Sunrise

During my stay in Florida I got up early every morning to photograph the sunrises. Each one was different and equally beautiful. I took close to 60 photos of this particular sunrise. Today's photos were taken between 7:50 and 7:58 AM during the first morning.

I was walking near the orange orchards of Citrus Park as the sun began to rise behind the trees. The first two were taken from the same location one minute apart. Note how fast the sun rises in the sky in that period of time.

Taking these types of photos is a little tricky because as the sun rises the sky is much brighter than the foreground. I focused (and metered) on the brightest part of the image which caused the camera to expose for a bright scene. This allowed me to capture the rich colours and silhouettes.

The third photo was taken looking between two rows of orange trees. I really liked the effect of the mist that nearly shrouded the trees in the background. Once again, I focused on the brightest area to capture the rich colours of the sunrise.

Peace and beauty are two words that come to mind when I view these photos.

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